PROMIS – Customized courses for professionals in security 

A new world is emerging as information, data, digital communications, and software-intensive products and services are fused in developing new services and applications. This rapid development holds tremendous potential for improving the technical foundation of a digital society. But, it also wrestles with challenges related to security.

Security is part of every industry from banking, automotive, power utility, games, and social media. It’s paramount, whether you are a small startup company offering
a social media app or a large enterprise building windmills. It’s not a “solvable” area but an ongoing race that companies face
keeping products secure and data safe. By investigating state-of-theart and state-of-practice, the Professional Master in Information Security, PROMIS, addresses the Swedish industry’s challenges and future needs through customized online courses for professionals in security.

PROMIS focuses on data and software intensive product and service development security as a field. The courses range from how to embed security in the initial engineering of a product/service to work correctly even when under attack, as well as how to use, offer, and operate products/services without compromising security.

Closely tied, and inspired by, challenges and future needs of our industrial partners, our PROMIS courses are relevant from different perspectives: from managers and decision- makers to engineers and security experts. They are developed in co-production with our 35 industry partners that need your skills, and are specially designed to suit professionals who need to be able to combine work and studies. All courses are web-based and at a part-time study pace, and allow you to bring your own cases and problems to reduce participation costs while maximizing your end-value.

PROMIS offers courses within a broad set of areas:

  • Computer and network security
  • Security in software development and testing
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Malware analysis and digital forensics
  • Risk management and regulations

A total of 21 courses will be offered in PROMIS, but all courses are not given all semesters. Stay updated about our courses and course in course instances here. 


On September 15th 2022, our courses for the Spring semester 2023 open for applications and will stay opened until January. 

Find out more about our courses here.


Book us for Customized Seminars!

PROMIS offers seminars of interest to our industrial partners and companies. Our researchers and teachers can deliver expertise, knowledge, and cutting-edge topics about various challenges relevant to the industry and your company.

The seminars are offered on-site, online, or hybrid, and we can provide either single talks or a series of presentations for a half-day event. We can also customize seminars to meet your focus for an event, work conference etc.  More information here

Yearly workshop with the Knowledge Foundation

PROMIS is funded by the Knowledge foundation and Blekinge Institute of Technology. Every year the Knowledge Foundation invites participants from the Educational Programmes for Professionals to a workshop where we discuss challenges within the framework of these projects and their integration in higher education.

The shared experiences make it possible for us to improve our project organisation and courses to make PROMIS even better in the future.

On March 25, PROMIS team members Dr. Anders Carlsson and Dr. Oleksii Baranovskyi were interviewed by Swedish Radios local channel P4 about what Sweden can learn from the cyber defense in Ukraine.

Listen here (in Swedish)


On January 4 2022, Tony Gorschek, Professor of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology and Project Manager of PROMIS and Anna Eriksson, Project Coordinator of PROMIS, met with Swedish Radios local channel P4 Blekinge to talk about PROMIS. 

Listen here (in Swedish)

PROMIS is a joint project between Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), the Knowledge Foundation, and several leading Swedish companies and organizations. The goal is to supply customized and free courses in security in the industry and to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish companies.